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Empower Trade Show Planners

We know from experience that managing trade shows and exhibits is really hard – it’s expensive, involves lots of moving parts, and is hard to measure. That’s why we’re changing the way exhibitors, trade shows, events and vendors work together.

Our planning tools reduce the drudgery of exhibiting at trade shows and simplify the process of working with a team. We want to make sure you never miss out on important deadlines and can create consistent brand experiences from one event to the next - regardless of who is planning the event.

Our marketplace brings transparency into the world of trade shows. Exhibitors can research and compare shows and sort through vendors and exhibit houses based on price and reputation. Through reviews and feedback, we hope to give exhibitors the power to influence the way that events operate for the better.


Principles That Guide Us (3 E’s)


We believe that exhibitors should have a voice in the trade shows they attend. By providing a forum where users can share their experiences, we drive trust and transparency in an industry known for outrageous hidden costs.


We’re nuts about getting stuff done the right way the first time. We want to make sure that every event you attend or exhibit at delivers results, is on-brand, and done at the lowest cost possible.


We’re here to take the challenge out of managing trade shows. That’s why we’re applying best-in-class technologies to build bespoke tools that simplify trade show planning and execution.

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