Ellivent Launches Exhibitor Intelligence Reports for the Hospitality Industry

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This new service can tell you which trade shows and events your competitors exhibit at.

San Diego, California, February 11, 2020 – Today, Ellivent launched their Exhibitor Intelligence Report, a new service that uses Ellivent’s proprietary database of over six hundred shows and two hundred thousand exhibitors in the hospitality vertical.  Using this data, business development and sales teams can better find and target partners and prospects. Similarly, marketers and executives can also refine their trade show strategy by identifying the places where their competitors exhibit at.

“One of the key challenges to building an effective trade show and event strategy is understanding where to spend your advertising dollars. In the case of trade shows, having a pulse on competitor activity is critical; if your competitor is exhibiting at a show where you have no presence, you send a signal to potential customers that you are less trustworthy or have fewer resources to support them.”

Matthew Parry, President of Ellivent

By leveraging their Exhibitor Intelligence Report, businesses can pinpoint which shows their leads, business partners, and competitors have either exhibited at or plan on exhibiting at and update their own event plans accordingly – all in a fraction of the time it would take to do it themselves. To replicate this process, a business would need to dedicate resources to first identify each relevant show in the hospitality vertical, then spend hours visiting each show’s website and searching every exhibitor list for every company they wanted to track – a process that would take several weeks to complete. Instead, businesses can now just order a report of ten companies they want to monitor for under $100 dollars. Ellivent backs this new offering with a 100% money-back guarantee.

“This is just the beginning, we started with hospitality because my co-founder and I both came from that space and we wished we had access to this sort of information. We are on a mission to bring transparency into the entire world of trade show planning and we are continuing to build our event and vendor database. We plan on launching our intelligence report into additional verticals in upcoming weeks.”

Greg Crisci, CEO of Ellivent

Ellivent is a San Diego based startup that aims to disrupt the way that businesses manage their trade show and event strategy. Their unified platform allows users to compare events and vendors as well as read reviews about them. Additionally, Ellivent is launching a new exhibitor platform in early March that aims to standardize and simplify the process of planning exhibits at events and trade shows.

If you want to try out Ellivent’s new Exhibitor Intelligence tool visit https://ellivent.com/intelligence-tool/

About Ellivent

Ellivent is an end-to-end exhibitor platform and marketplace that enhances the trade show experience – from discovery to measurement. By combining a trade show listing marketplace, exhibiting management software, and accounting and measurement tools, Ellivent brings together everything exhibitors need to be successful and get the most out of their events. Visit https://ellivent.com to create a new listing or sign up for the software beta.

Media contact:
Matthew Parry, President
[email protected]

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