Review FAQ's

Frequently asked questions regarding reviews on Ellivent

You will be notified about new reviews for any profiles you have already created or claimed. Reviews are posted regardless of whether the profile is claimed, but reviews are reviewed for language and content prior to posting according to our user guidelines, company guidelines, and content publishing terms and conditions.

Reviews are posted with a profile photo (if uploaded) the username of the reviewer, the date posted, their rating, and any comments that were left. Ellivent does not post information that would allow listing owners to contact reviewers directly. If you suspect that a review violates our user guidelines or company guidelines, please contact us at [email protected].

Reviews are visible to all site visitors. To respond to a review as the business owner, you will need to claim that listing first. It is free to claim a listing with our free listing option.

We allow anyone with an Ellivent account to leave a review (we use social login via Google and Ellivent to limit spam). It is in our user guidelines that reviewers must have had a direct experience with the company within the past 24 months and we reserve the right to ask reviewers for proof of their experience.

If you have claimed a listing, you can reply publicly to reviews on that listing. We can also reach out to reviewers on your behalf, and the reviewer can initiate contact with you privately.

You cannot directly remove reviews. If you feel that a review violates our user guidelines, company guidelines, or content publishing terms, you can reach out to us at [email protected]. We will reach out to the reviewer to verify on your behalf that they had a genuine experience with your company within the past 24 months. If they do not respond or cannot provide evidence of their experience with your company, we will remove the review.

We are working on increasing the number of vendors within our system. Reviewers can leave a review directly on a listing or use take our survey. If the listing is already in our system, we will add the reviews to the existing listing. If they do not exist, we will create a listing for them, gather their publicly available business details and add the review to their listing.

We use a variety of sources to match company names to listings and do the best we can to pull the correct information. If you feel that a review has been made in error or was intended for someone else, please send us a note at [email protected] and we’ll either correct the error or reach out to the reviewer to make sure that their review meets our user guidelines.

We use a variety of methods to identify whether a review is legitimate. If you feel that a review does not meet our user guidelines or company guidelines, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll reach out to the reviewer.

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