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INVNT exists to generate dramatic change for our clients. Everything we do is about building our clients’ brand, growing their business, or both. When our clients win, we win. Simple.

Our super power is live brand storytelling™. We help many of the best-known brands in the world – including General Motors, Grant Thornton, Merck, PepsiCo, Samsung and Subway – share their stories – live – with every audience that matters. Live is where we live™. It's our habitat, our space, the place we call home. We believe in the transformative power of people gathered together, sharing a moment, and maintain that live is the most potent form of marketing today.

Our aspirational vision is to be the best live brand storytelling agency in the world. Aiming for ‘best’ keeps us humble, hungry, and means we get better every day.


Live brand storytelling™ in the form of:

Meetings & events

Critical audiences gathered together. Experiences that cause messages to strike, stick and spread.

-Business meetings
-Product launches
-Press events
-Consumer activation
-Special events
-Multi-City events
-Virtual meetings
-Event management & logistics
-Learning & performance improvement

Creative services

What’s the story? Do people care? How should it be told? And will they remember?

-Communication strategy
-Identity & brand development
-Graphic & production design
-Employee engagement
-Consumer engagement
-Music & entertainment contracting
-Theatrical production
-Music composition & choreography

Media & digital

Content and platforms that ignite emotions, build believers and form tribes.

-Film & video
-Satellite broadcasts
-Virtual interactive broadcast experiences
-Website & digital application design
-Interactive media
-Social media
-Multimedia production

Brand environments

Spaces that let audiences step inside, explore and discover for themselves.

-Immersive environments
-Mobile marketing
-Brand spaces & stunts

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