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How do you inspire consumer advocacy? Start by engaging an audience directly. Offer a personal connection. Elicit emotion, build excitement, and drive motivation. But don’t miss your opportunity to engage. Because an engaging experience will inspire future advocacy. Marketing Werks accelerates consumer advocacy by crafting immersive, compelling, absolutely share-worthy experiences.

Consumers are inundated with brands and brand offers. To stand out you must move beyond the basics, past simple impressions and samples. Share more than just your brand: Share your brand promise. So how do you bring your brand promise to life? Marketing Werks is expert at delivering experiences that encapsulate a brand’s promise to captivate and motivate consumers.

30 years of innovation and action have positioned Marketing Werks as a trailblazer in the experiential space. And we’re still pushing the industry to new heights. Our recently introduced Advocacy Quotient (AQ) at long last delivers a KPI tailored for the experiential market. Finally, a tool that offers measurable, accountable metrics to gauge experiential impact and deliver true ROI. Our clients benefit as do our consumer advocates.

Accelerate your advocacy. Begin with Marketing Werks.

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