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“Who we are” Mobile Food Truck Promotions Group is owners and operators of food trucks & Ice-Cream Trucks national, and we provide our mobile food truck medium to agencies and experiential outdoor marketing companies in the US, Mexico and Canada. For dynamic and creative consumer engagement programs in a variety of locations and environments.

What sets us apart: We own our fleet of mobile food trucks, that are part of the mobile food truck industry national, this allows us to create short term (1-30 days) or long term (2-12 months) programs and launch them quickly (avg. 2-3 weeks); We customize our existing mobile food truck fleet in-house for each campaign; We focus on quick set-up times, rapid deployment and diverse activation sites within a market.

At Mobile Food Truck Promotions Group, we take the message or sampling campaign to the people and directly engage consumers where they live, work and play!

Unlike most outdoor mediums, mobile food truck promotions is truly guerrilla marketing in every since. When the population moves, they move.

Since 1999, we have taken great pride in our expert operational, production, creative staff as well as our nationwide execution capabilities. From a food truck advertising campaign with just (50) food trucks in Los Angeles to a (100) food truck campaign in the New York market, or a custom-built mobile brand experience tour, we approach each campaign with the same level of detail, excitement and professionalism.

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