Exhibitor Management

Introducing Ellivent, the intuitive platform built for exhibitors that makes it easy to manage your events

Laptop with Ellivent's exhibitor platform

Event Templates

Use a pre-built checklist or create your own. Never miss a step and know where everything is at.


Assign Tasks & Dates

Add members of your team to key activities and critical due dates. They'll automatically get a calendar invite.

Event Details

Everything In One Place

Store event details and files in one accessible location that your team and you can get to whenever you need it.

Is This You?

Love it or hate it, we know that event planning ain’t easy – there’s so much to keep track of and everybody remembers the mistakes. You spend a lot of time sweating the small stuff.

We've Been There Too

So we built Ellivent just for you. Now it’s a little bit easier to plan and collaborate on events so that you can focus on driving strategy while never taking your eye off the ball.

Oh, and we should mention one more thing…

We're Making It Free For Everyone

For up to 5 active events and 10 users, then its just $25/mo for unlimited events and users

So what are you waiting for?

Oh that’s right – us… but hey, we’ll be releasing this product sometime between February and March, so if you want to be among the first to get access, add your information below.

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